Listing Your Home for Sale With Best CS Homes



Pre-Valuation Inspection

The first step in listing a home for sale is to conduct a pre-valuation inspection. The purpose is to make notes of any improvements made, note the finishes, and overall condition of the home. This is essential for an accurate comparison.

Home Inspection
Valuation Report

Detailed Valuation Report

Our detailed valuation is created using proprietary code that implements advanced mathematics and location specific data to create a very accurate determination of fair market value. While we are not licensed appraisers, this valuation is the closest thing to an actual appraisal that you can get and best of all, it is included in our process for free.

Determining Listing Strategy

There are basically three strategies to choose from when listing a home for sale. It really comes down to the opening list price. You can list right at anticipated fair market value or you may want to list above or below it. You will want to use a pricing strategy that will ultimately maximize your profit. The strategy that we will suggest will depend on the overall state of the market. We will factor metrics such as average days on the market, current interest rates, and current inventory levels.

Listing Strategy
Staging A Home

Staging And Preparation

This step is extremely important regardless of the listing strategy that is right for you or the balance of the market. See our Seller's Guide for a more detailed look into the steps that you can take to get your home ready to list. Additionally, it is paramount that your home is prepared and ready on the day of photography and filming.

Profession Photography

We create the best representation of your home for the various internet and digital venues. This is why we take professional photos of all or our listings using high quality cameras and lenses. We also have top-of-the-line post production software and skilled in its use. The photo shoot can take anywhere from an hour to an entire day, depending on the size of the home and the lighting conditions.

Professional Photography
Professional Videography

Professional Videography

Best CS Homes has the best stabilization and video editing software, which allows us to create studio production quality videos. Moreover, we provide this high-end service to all of our listing clients. Most real estate agents and brokerages only provide this type of service for luxury properties. You can see some examples of our video productions on our YouTube Channel or on the Past Listings page.

Building Webpage

Every listing that Best CS Homes does, gets a custom web page built. This page is used in our marketing of your property as outlined in step 8 below. This page is also linked directly to the yard sign that is placed in front of your house. This feature captures the information of the prospective buyers, which in turn allows us to follow up directly. This is one of the most important step in listing a home for sale.

Custom Webpage


In order to get the most for your home, buyers must be able to see high-quality photos and video. This is why, in addition to the custom page, we also syndicate the page and quality content to nearly 1000 other sites such as, DOD Housing Network,, Zillow, Trulia,, and many more. We will also conduct a pre-listing marketing campaign if time allows.

Showing Your Home

Now that we have prepared your home and gotten the word out, it is time to allow prospective buyers to tour your home. These tours are scheduled through a contracted third party scheduling service to ensure that your buyers and their agents can request a time to see your home 24/7. You should anticipate the first 2 or 3 days to being the most active.

Showing Your Home
Real Estate Contracts

Negotiating Offers

In a seller's market, it is highly likely that you will receive multiple offers on your home, but with the complexity of the contract to purchase real estate, how do you sypher through all of the details? Not to worry! We have a proprietary comparison tool that breaks down all of the terms then analyzes your net profit based on various appraisal outcomes.

Inspection Objections

Many times, homeowners neglect to anticipate the impact that the inspection process may have on their bottom line. To help with this issue, we will advise you on items that may come up in the inspection objection in advance. There are also some key points to remember when going through these negotiations. Factors like, the appraisal, the inspection resolution, and the inspection termination dates are all very important considerations. We will expertly guide you through this process.

Real Estate Contract Inspection Objections
Real Estate Appraisal


You may wonder why the appraisal is part of this list. Well most of the time there is nothing to be concerned about during this phase, but if the appraiser needs to enact "tidewater" (a process of having the agent justify the contract price) you want to make sure that your agent has the expertise to defend the list price and the contract price with sound objective data. This is where our proprietary valuation tool saves the day!