Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Why is Olympic Training Center so Special?

Due to the training center’s massive scale, it has gained a lot of popularity. The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs selects athletes from around the World each year.  Their respective governing body chooses the trainees.

In the United States, Colorado Springs is known to be the Olympic City; now we know why. Several events and annual training sessions are being hosted in the city, bringing hype to the town. Locals visit the center whenever international events take place.

Residents who are living in close proximity to the Olympic training center are the luckiest people as they get to see popular athletes from around the world. It is a great source of entertainment for people in Colorado Springs, and annual events are much awaited all year round.

Why the Olympics Training Center is Located In Colorado Springs?

The Olympic training center in Colorado Springs was built in 1978. Colorado Springs was ideal for the training center because of its good climate and elevations, which help athletes train well for competitions worldwide.

The city has some grand yet natural training grounds along with breathtaking views. It is a great location for athletes to visit and rejuvenate. The region is equipped with the best educational, technological, and medical assets that support the Olympic activities.

Things to Do at the Olympic Training Center

There are many things tourists and locals can do in this training center. Roughly around 140,000 people visit the training center annually, and Colorado Springs witnesses an influx of tourists during the summer tour days.

The Olympic & Paralympic Training Center gives out tours to the general public all year. You can visit the center Monday to Saturday with your friends and family and enjoy a whole day full of activities.

What Happens at the Tour

The tour is a great way to learn about the Olympics and its history. If you are a fan, you must visit the tours to get insight into the real world of the Olympics. The tour always starts with a 12-minute clip that leaves the audience breathless. After the video finishes, the participants are taken on a tour of the center on foot. The trip lasts about 45 minutes in which the participants are shown the famous training complex that has everyone talking about. The facility is home to weightlifting and wrestling amenities. It also has an Aquatics center and the grand gymnasium that contains over a hundred pieces of equipment.

If you are into fitness, then this place is your paradise. Once you are on tour, you are not limited to these facilities; you can explore and enjoy the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. You can also shop for some great merchandise at the Team USA store. If you love art, the training center offers art exhibitions throughout the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center.

The Best Time to Visit the Olympic Training Center

If you plan a vacation, you must visit Colorado Springs with your family. The training center hosts tours daily. If you are a local and live close to the vicinity, you can easily grab a tour without waiting.

The tour timings are:

Summer Season

Monday to Saturday: You can book a tour anytime as they are carried out each hour. The first one begins at 9:00 AM, and the last one starts at 4:30 PM.

If you work all week, then fret not; you can enjoy a good time with your friends and family on a Sunday. However, the training center opens late, around 11:00 AM, and closes at around 5:00 PM. The last tour leaves at 4:00 PM. So, make sure you are in during these timings.

Winter Season

Monday to Saturday: If you are a winter person, you can enjoy the training center's facilities during the chilly season. So, if you are in town or are a local, you can easily have access to the tours during winters as there is less influx due to the cold.

Tours are held from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Olympics Training Center is closed for the winter holidays, which are mainly on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

What is the Fee?

Entrance Fee

  • Price per adult $15
  • Price per senior citizens and military members $13
  • Children between the ages 5 till 12 $11
  • Children who are aged 4 and under are free

Entrance Fee for Groups

  • Price per adult $12
  • Price per senior citizens and military members $10
  • Children between the ages 5 till 12 $8
  • Children who are aged four and under are free
  • You will need to make reservations for a group of ten or more


If you are in Colorado Springs and live close to the Olympic Training Center, you are living in the hottest place in town with easy access to the popular and sought-out facilities in the world. And if you are a tourist or a local living further in the suburbs, fret not, you can drive to the training center on a weekend and enjoy their tours.

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