2019 YTD vs. 2018 YTD - Empire Title's Summary Page for MAY 2019 MLS Stats.
• Average Price UP 4.7%
• Median Price 
UP 5.4%
• Residential Units Sold 
Down 0.6%
• Inventory Levels 
Up 17.2%
• Number of Listings 
Up 10.6%
Down 3.1%
• Average Days on Market: 25
• Interest rates 
Up 3.99%

*This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. It is intended to show market trends and should not be used to evaluate individual properties. Sources for this information include but are not limited to: El Paso County Clerk and Recorder, El Paso County Public Trustee, Empire Title of Colorado Springs LLC, the Pikes Peak Multiple Listing System. 

Additionally please find attached (just above my signature below) please find a spreadsheet which shows year over year trends for the last 10 years with respect to ACTIVE LISTINGS, AVERAGE SALES PRICE AND MEDIAN SALES PRICE within our local MLS system.  

If you have any questions with this information or any other related topic please reach out and let me know.  I am here to help.  My contact information is below.  And hoping that you are having a very successful year thus far!  Keep up the good work!