Custom Animal Experiences at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A second tour option is V.I.P Small Group Tours. This tour includes zoo admission for the day, a guided overview of the zoo in a golf cart, a Safari Trail or Loft Exploration, giraffe feeding, and three behind the scenes experiences. You get to choose from these options:

  • African lion, giraffe, or okapi
  • Zebra or mountain tapir
  • Reptile meet and greet, sloth, or marsupial meet
  • Amur tiger, grizzly bear, North American river otters, or Alaska moose
  • Elephant or rhino
  • Hippo, warthog, or African penguin

The two final tours available are the Date Night Starlight Safari for adults over 21 and evening tours for you and your friends. Date nights are periodically available, so watch for available dates. Evening tours can be customized and are a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or just spend time with friends and family. Each evening tour includes a private tour, an up-close meet and greet with an animal, feeding lettuce to the giraffes, and roasting s’mores.

Booking an Animal Experience at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

All of these experiences can be booked at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo website. Find specific details, requirements, and costs for each encounter before booking. Some experiences offer discounts for members, while others do not. Whether you live in Colorado Springs and frequent the zoo often, or are visiting from out of state, these experiences create lasting memories.

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